Hello friends, today I am going to tell you an important thing. You must have heard about insurance. You may have seen in your normal life that people insure their own insurance. Insurance policy as it will be, they also ensure their transport, that is, you insure your car, you insure your buses.  Insurance Truck Insurance Trainers ensure all this if they have a formal accident etc.

or if there is any loss then these insurance companies pay the loss so everyone insures these things besides. You also try your property ie houses if any house is damaged then they pay the loss to the insurance company.
They ensure their business which is their business. If the balance is bad then these insurance companies are Paying in today’s modern world, if you start a small or large business, you have to insure it. The benefit of this insurance is that you can take any insurance in your business.

Travel insurance companies

If there is a loss, the insurance companies will pay you the loss. Similarly, you will not have any major loss in your business and your business will be booming because of these insurance companies. Even in the modern field of agriculture, insurance is being provided.
If you are cultivating anything in any agricultural sector, you can get it insured.

If you have taken out your original insurance and you have lost or damaged your crop, the insurance company will be entitled to pay the insurance. Guys this is all my information and they had information about insurance. Now I will bring you to my main topic. My main topic is travel insurance. Now I will tell you about travel insurance.  And what are the benefits of how get travel insurance?

what is Travel insurance?

Travel insurance means getting your own travel insurance That is, do airplanes and trains. If you are traveling with anything, if you have insurance, then this thing is called travel insurance.  if you are traveling by air or you are traveling by train or you are traveling by bus, then if you have your travel insurance, there are many benefits that I will give you below.  I am telling you from Karta

Benefits of Travel Insurance

Now I will tell you in order and in detail what are the benefits of travel insurance and why it is necessary to

Medical Emergency

If you are traveling to another country and you have become ill for some reason or have a medical emergency problem, the medical fees you will pay abroad will be paid by the insurance company from which you bought the travel insurance.  You know how expensive and expressive medical decisions are in other countries. If you have taken this travel insurance, travel insurance will pay you all this cost.

Baggage lost

If your bag gets lost at the airport, you can go to the airport counter, fill out the insurance bill and send it to your respective insurance company.  Will get easy money in your account will send noise company in the jazz cash account

Passport lost

If your passport is lost then you have to inform the police and the report that you will get from the police is also reported to your travel insurance company.

Similarly, when your travel agency finds your passport last on the form from the police, they will then make sure that your passport is lost. She will pay you for it

Flight delay

If your flat becomes vacant due to a medical condition or due to national conditions or weather conditions, your travel insurance company will pay you the cost and Must pay the price of The SOP of this travel insurance company will pay you the flat price accordingly.

Trip cancels

If the traffic is canceled for any reason, you can get the maximum price from your travel insurance company which is in accordance with the SOP of this travel insurance company. It will pay you the price due to ticket cancellation.

Medical Evacuation

If you have a medical problem, you will be given a different amount by the travel insurance company.

Accident death

If God willing, your driver will be deleted, all the expenses and expenses will be paid by the travel insurance company which will follow his instructions and will be entitled not to do everything according to it.

For visa apply

There are some countries that do not get a visa without travel insurance, such as the UK, and some companies that do not get a visa without travel insurance, etc.

Travel insurance cost

If you travel anywhere, you must get your travel insurance. Insurance does not cost so much money if you have to travel anywhere.  Get one-day travel insurance for almost two to two and a half hundred rupees per day insurance depending on what you have,
if you want to get ten days to travel insurance.  They are almost your two hundred and twenty-five hundred will be your total ten days travel insurance

Here are some of the many benefits of travel insurance that I have just covered in my article above if you want to travel anywhere.  Train Brother, you are very much benefiting from your travel insurance and the method of getting travel insurance so I will tell you in detail in my next article.


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