Who doesn’t dream of studying in progressive America, where all roads are open to bright minds? Millions of people in different parts of the world live with this desire.

And we are ready to implement it – Education First offers training in the United States, combining the development of language skills and the development of academic subjects. EF’s education programs will kickstart your rapid success in life.

Requirements for applicants wishing to receive a free education in the USA


All universities mentioned above have a standard set of admission requirements

completed application for admission;
certificate of passing the international TOEFL test;
certificate of passing the international SAT (not always required);
school-leaving certificate.

An important difference from admission to a paid university is the provision of financial documents proving the lack of funds for the study.

Typically, American universities require a bank statement showing the availability of funds for study from the applicant or his sponsor.

In the case of “free” universities in America, the situation is the opposite. The applicant must provide certificates of income, as well as fill out financial forms, where he details his income and expenses for the last 2 years.

Benefits of studying in the USA


It is impossible not to see the objective benefits of studying in the USA! The most notable are the ratings of American universities.

US universities take leading positions in ALL world rankings! Second, and for many, most importantly, there are huge job opportunities in the United States (and outside the country) with graduates of American universities (after receiving undergraduate and / or graduate degrees).

The education system in the USA

Secondary education in the United States begins at age 5. In fact, this is still a kindergarten. But the second year of study is already the first year of Primary School. Primary school education in the USA lasts 5 years.Then there is training in the Middle School (grades 6 – 8), then – training in the High School /

High School (grades 9-12). Children usually complete secondary education at the age of 18.Education in it ends with the receipt of a Diploma of Secondary Education. A diploma is the basis for continuing education already at a college or university in the United States.

Language courses in the USA

The presence of a large number of language centers allows you to choose a training program in almost any more or less large city in the United States.We work with a significant number of language schools for adults and children on both coasts and the mainland.

English courses in the United States with a low intensity of classes allow students to “apply” to the embassy for a tourist visa, high intensity (more than 20 lessons per week) requires a student visa.

Obtaining a visa to the USA

An education agency doesn’t just provide you with information about US study programs and the educational institutions themselves.

We do the main thing – we help with enrollment, booking accommodation, and after that comes what everyone who served in the army calls a “demobilization chord” We, as your agents, will have to get you an American visa.

You, together with our specialists, in accordance with your chosen training program and your family and financial circumstances, prepare documents for submission to the US Embassy.

How to Study in the USA for Free + Top 5 Generous Universities

Many do not even realize that you can study in the United States for free. From this article, you will learn: how admission to an American university differs from admission to Russia, when and what documents to apply to enter the United States, what are the tricks for admission, how to choose a university and program, how to study at American universities for free.


The political situation does not affect anything

First of all, we note that the political situation does not affect anything – universities will not look at your nationality, US relations with your country at the moment. Therefore, feel free to apply to US universities.

Why US Universities Allocate Money for Student Tuition

Some universities have a lot of money.They have donations, a huge amount of funds. In doing so, they need to raise their rating, and they try to attract as many talented students as possible. For this, universities

sponsor the training of the best students. If you have a high level of language proficiency and excellent marks in your diploma, there is every chance to go to an American university and receive a study grant.

International students influence university rankings.

Unlike Russia, in America, universities compete among themselves in terms of rankings. International students bring a lot of points to the overall ranking, which is why universities want to see as many foreign students as possible in their ranks.

How many percent of people receive full funding:

If you look at the Undergraduate programs, it is more difficult to get funding there, only 11% of students receive scholarships.
Looking at Graduate programs, 45% receive full university funding.

The Ph.D. program has a 99% chance of getting full funding. However, it is more difficult to enroll in it. You will have to contact the professor with whom you will study and find out from him what research topics he is interested in.

Five US Universities You Can Study For Free

Stanford University can rightfully be considered one of the best universities for international students. The university provides scholarships to all students in need and is campaigning to attract more students from all over the world. Students receive full funding if they prove their household income is less than $ 60,000 per year. Students from different countries of the world enter the university, including from Russia.

The University of Oregon offers a huge number of scholarships. The selection committee regularly answers all questions of applicants. On the site, you can find specialists who are responsible for accepting applicants from your country and chat with real students.

The University of Florida is a huge American university with students from 130 countries. The University of Florida is ranked 27th according to Top American Research Universities. The University of Florida’s 20 graduate programs are ranked in the top 100 in the United States in terms of teaching. Foreign students are provided with accommodation and a scholarship, which covers all costs upon presentation of the relevant documents.

Illinois State University (University of Illinois) is interested in attracting international students but does not offer generous financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants to students from abroad. However, the university is known for providing international students with Assistantship jobs.

Michigan State University (Michigan State University) – a huge selection of programs for training combined with different types of financial assistance for all students in need. Programs in nuclear physics, engineering, political science, business, journalism, education, and osteopathy are considered some of the best in the United States.


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