If you guys also want to do something absolutely free if you get bored sitting alone in the house you are not getting anything else from anywhere today am going to tell you how you can sit at your home on a daily basis. Above ₹ 500 to ₹ 2000  how can you earn 200 grams even if you don’t want to get anything less then first of all you have to install one or the other app on your own mobile phone for absolutely free.

You have to download it on your mobile phone, here you are going to get a lot of coins and you will have to watch the video on your own mobile phone by watching your own video, you are going to get millions of points and you will get the balance from here absolutely free. You can earn if you do not want to earn anything then today you guys have to install a hero in your mobile phone from there you have to My dear.

How To Download Snack Video App

Brother if you are not doing anything else than the video today am going to give a very amazing trick to you guys from which you can get millions of coins Delhi absolutely free from the hero video, you have done one thing first. You must have installed the previous hero video application from your mobile phone that is you have to remove it after removing the first one you will have to download the snake video.

From a google play store and then you have created an account on your mobile phone. you have to do this video you have to Gmail new login not log in to your account first before life which you had previously login in your hero video you have an account for news justice your carrier’s account you put in snake video If you have to give then you will get a code you have to put that code in your own mobile.

More about Snack Video  App

Phone in the net video still you have to do something if you guys also want to get some work from the video of justice you want to get a lot on the dairy message, first of all, you have to look carefully at the methods that you do today if you are not getting anything you have to do something. Even if you are not getting it then you have to log in to your speech on this net that with a new Gmail account after that you.

You, Will, be given a code you will have to put that code in your own snake video or else you will get such videos on daily basis. Keep watching or invite someone nothing will happen to you today in the video, first of all, you have to invite a friend it will start and your friends will watch your own video then you are going to get someone or else you will get anything. Not getting it, if you also want to invite your friends.



You will get the link then you can send your friends through the link from there. Friends today we will tell you how you can do army with a video and how you can get someone by inviting your friends and how you will see how many videos Delhi by watching the video then you will get points And your balance will come how can you earn something from hero videos first of all friends you have to download this worth.

Video in your mobile phone i.e. your account is new you can not log in with the previous account. So you have to make a new Gmail login then you have to put it in the quota by taking it to the court you can also make a lot of other payments on a daily basis by talking to yourself after that you have made about 10-15 friends from your own court have to invoke Your friends will watch the video on a daily basis you will get some person.



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