If you guys also use a good mobile phone then my brother dear brothers today am going to tell you about a very good app what is the name of that app if you share any mobile from one mobile to another. You want to transfer the things that you are telling today first of all you have to download this app in your Android mobile phone share it is very amazing but you can easily remove any movie from one mobile to another mobile phone.

If you use a good mobile phone you do not know about anything then for this the way I am going to tell you about the car you have to do the same on your mobile phone any movie your friends If you find it difficult to get a relative or from anywhere or you want to remove any movie then you do not come in your mobile phone in which way I am going to tell you within a second My dear friends today I am going to give you a very.

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Good health or not if you want to take anything from any mobile phone, for example, you have a brother you have a friend you tell him that my mobile Let me remove a movie from the phone he would say that brother how can I tell this movie through Bluetooth it is not so long but nowadays it is a very amazing friend it is a very good app. To transfer things to other mobile phones that you will have to download an app whose name is you.

If you are fond of anything if you want to watch a movie or if you keep the drama on your mobile phone then your friend asks you, brother, to put the episode of this drama on my mobile phone so that I can go home in the evening. But I can comfortably watch any drama on top of my mobile phone but if he has an internet package on his mobile phone he does not download because MB is more for this you can share a share in your mobile phone.

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You will see your friends your relatives can you have any elder brother he uses a mobile phone there are so many drama songs on his mobile he will tell you brother give me too he would say that brother did not have so much time with me. I can’t send you this song through it takes about half an hour while sending this song you have to do one thing and download it in your mobile phone my brother then you have a shirt on your brother’s mobile phone.

You also have to download it after that you can give anything to your brother only in you can also take it from your relative share it is the very good and amazing brother I also use it in my mobile phone. So I am also telling you that brother you can also download Share It you can put anything on your mobile phone within a second it is very amazing for you to take and give it to anyone but then share it very hi Amazing app.


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