Some siblings your friends or your relatives etc  sometimes ask for your mobile phone from you  sometimes it comes in handy  you also want the data in your mobile phone or. No any other person of yours who is asking you for your mobile. Any other brother relative  do not see any data in your mobile phone. My brother  every servant  every person has his own data inside his mobile phone. There is personal data if you bring a beautiful amazing app  it will be that you can have any picture from your password document in your.

Mobile phone you feel like you can hide anything in this app. So in today’s video the application i am telling you  you should download it in your mobile phone in best then you hand over your mobile phone to your brother your Abu Kasi  he doesn’t see anything. You can see what works then whatever you add to each other will be added to this group. It will disappear from the gallery on your mobile phone if you also If you want to hide your data from any of your relatives  in today’s video the medicine will tell them to download.

How To install?

It to their mobile phone so that you can also benefit and remove anything from the gallery. Or if you want the work of this app you can hide whatever you want to hide from every servant you can be any of you brother second or your friend etc or your relatives in this mobile You can’t see any data without it.My brother i gave my mobile phone to my brother. My mobile phone had my personal documents and my special video which I kept hidden from each of my servants  so my brother asked me if you had What kind of pictures and.

Why are they kept in the game in my mobile phone whose pictures are these  Dude i got very upset i got stuck in this problem. Even if you don’t agree with anything  the application that will tell you about it today can now be downloaded to your mobile phone and easily if you don’t understand anything, you can follow me on my YouTube channel today I made a video. If you don’t understand something like this  you can watch the full video. Then there with the leader i told you how to use it and do a job can do nothing and good app.

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If you want any brother or your friend etc to ask you for your mobile phone so that they don’t see the things inside the gallery inside your mobile phone then in today’s video you can I will tell people that you have to download it  then give your mobile phone to your brother or give it to your friend who has what you have to give. You can take your mobile and enter his password and then your. The granddaughter of a prophet who is small to do what you must do We are for you people these are the roll of the application and best app.

Brother  no brother  no brother no brother  no brother If you do not have to share with anyone  today’s post  you have to download the clinic  they can easily download from there in the description  if you do not get to download  click there  then the verse on your mobile Started installing in phone.Yes  my brother  this is today’s post  that is to say this is what I wanted to tell you. If you want to hide anything from your mobile phone or your documents from your family and relatives then you can download an appe granddaughter of.



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