If you buy a mobile phone  the thing was that you want to check  then i tell you about an app  you doctor should install it in your mobile phone  so the doctor who needs to place the doctor is doing his smartphone If the price is low immediately and comes back from the value  he picked up the phone and said through the place that and best was able to convince you to help in changing and searching, check all the things of your mobile phone with the doctor. You can  for example if you want to see the camera whether.

The camera is correct or not, then you can easily check sending the camera from your mobile phone with the doctor app i am going to tell you today that if you want to check all the things on your mobile phone while buying a mobile phone  or any  wants to see the search of your mobile is bad or not. You can check the things on your mobile from where you have to download it  where you make any doubt that it is bad  you can also see all those things in your mobile those people who are buying a new smartphone.

How To install?


Or want to check the new phone immediately  then the doctor can download it quickly in their mobile phone. Those people who can buy the new mobile phone and send it themselves can check that There is no issue in this mobile phone  you can check your mobile phone thoroughly if you go back  then you buy anything from behind  then you do not know that it is bad. Now get off your smartphone and in searching   you will have to install an app in your mobile phone with that app you can do more.

The hardware and system of things used to give you an advantage mind and fast transfer  you buy your mobile phone from anywhere  then how can you check that how you can do all its things that no one in it can do anything bad in your hands then you yourself You have to download an app from it  then you can check all the things on your mobile  its  and the rest of the speakers   you can see all the things while buying mobile  if anything is bad  then you return your mobile phone to the shopkeeper and best.

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If you buy a mobile phone from somewhere or while buying  you can see all the things on your mobile phone itself through an app  when you read your mobile phone through mail  has seen through  and elephant’s time It is difficult to ignore how YouTube’s recordings are used for things  but it cannot be ignored that how can we check all the things of our own mobiles here  but it cannot be ignored. That here  has been talking since then everything is going on like a mango  so you can easily check all the things with one app.

If you want to buy any smartphone from anywhere and want to check it yourself  on your smartphone on the same scale things like a husband. It is not necessary to know the specs of your phone that you continue using it in the way you are working  we can give you better thinking than this. android mobile is a smartphone that incorporates Android OS with RAM. The phone has a variety of highlights in which the touchscreen setup application’s  is just a hanging gesture. Crime is restless to learn the data of the system.




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