Imran Khan Launches Tiger Force Application You Want To Make Your Own Share In The Tiger Force In Your City. In Your City To Your Poor People Who Have To Go Home On Your Own And You Have To Distribute Aid. The Karuna Virus The reason that friends all over Pakistan were annihilated. Because no citizen or villagers or villagers are being allowed to leave their homes. The Karuna virus will cause you to be part of this team. If you did not apply then you get the application of Tiger Force Election and.

Pakistan Citizen hi you have to create your account in this edition dial your number phone number. You will become an account then you also created a team in your village then you go home to the poor. Tiger Force Imran Khan has introduced the application of the name of Tiger Force. What do you mean by friends? Will you build your dam in this area if you get the application. You want to build a dam in Tiger Force if you get the application you are going to have to distribute it.

How To install Citizen Portal


The application form here creating an account and then becoming a part of the Tiger Force. Then getting a three-month extension from the Government of Pakistan Get paid and you have to go home for three months. The poor My brothers in your village will pray that if you are the poor people with them who will pray you will build a Tiger Dam in your village. Because if you build a team then you will help the poor people. If you distribute, you will also be rewarded and the whole world will get and best.

You can create an account on the Tiger Force application go home and distribute aid to the poor from the Tiger Force. You can get the salary for three months that my friends will tell you later. The whole world has been affected by the Karuna virus my brother has also come to the Karuna virus in Pakistan. Because lockdown in Pakistan is not going to get any citizen out. The Daily used to pay for their home friends has been brought to Pakistan because of this an application made by Pakistan.



Will distribute aid to your poor if you also want to distribute aid friends you have to quickly apply Download N and create your account You too can get paid Thirty thousand months You get from the Government of Pakistan So my brother quickly download you, Crete, your account and distribute it to the poor. So all the citizens of Pakistan can apply to the squad from Pakistan Karachi Lahore Islamabad Faisalabad. Whatever Pakistani people are living in Pakistan they apply.

This card to all friends in the Tiger Force please hurry to download the Pakistan Studies application and after that, you also become part of Pakistan on the first day which is ninety thousand young people applied for this card friends. Download on the mobile phone. Friends If you still want to help the poor people of Pakistan then you have to download the Tiger Force application in your hair phone and then join the Tiger Force. After three months you should hurry to download the Friends application and create your own account too.


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