So you first download Telenor in your mobile phone after that you will have a mobile number of your own Telenor you have to add that mobile number to your own my  and in that you will get a lot of such packages there. See if you want to put a package on any daily basis  you can also easily put through this application  if you want to pack any internet packet  you will get it at a cheaper rate in this application.

So after downloading our app  after you add the number the balance will be present in your mobile that too you can check. Even if you want to install the package you can easily sit at home there is no need to go to your city  you can easily get your package within 2 minutes from home or you If you guys use Sim for Dinar then you have brought a very new and completely new RU to you today we will discus today.

How To install My Telenor App

We will tell you that after downloading the  My Telenor app you will see this app What will be the benefit from this and why do you want to install this application in your childhood  first of all  tell that if you want to install any internet package in your mobile phone yourself  then you can install it with My Telenor app easily. First of all you have to install  and you have to install it in your mobile.

If there is a load on your mobile phone  then you can arrange your own package  you can find any good and cheap package  whether it is the same application for you. Through this  you have to install the My App Telenor app in your mobile phone.If you find out from each other and ask that brother tell me any cheap package of Telenor  he does not tell you  then there is no need to bother you  because the applications.

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That have come in the market nowadays  you have a sim for every sim in every network. After you download it separately you will be able to activate a complete complete package which you can not find in it  you can activate it yourself from the comfort of your home and for that you will have to download an app in your mobile phone through this application you can also order load from each other in your own.

Mobile phone and you can also send gold to each other is a very good and amazing application  so if you do not install everyone in your child phone If you do not understand anything  then you have made a video and uploaded it you can see that video completely then you do not understand everything.You can also load your mobile number through this application if you find it difficult to package, then with this app.


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