You also want to get a sense of emergency Emergency which is being provided by the Government of Pakistan. If you too want to get your help through Justice Aid at home then tell your friends very good application to which. Upon downloading my brother, you will dial your ID card and mobile number on top of it and if you can get help from the Pakistan Government, then you should hurry up your mobile phone number. After all, friends should have your ID card ie your ID card number should be a CNC number. If you want to Download Latest Android Mobile App Free Then You need to Visit This Website

And friends should then be downloaded from your mobile phone number to call home, get help quickly in your hands, my brother Imran application in your mobile phone and 12 thousand rupees your home.My brother if you too are at home due to the virus then any illumination in your house has been done then tell you a very good election you can download to your mobile phone. Friends If you too are at home due to the Karuna virus you cannot go to work or your home is out of ration then friends tell you a very good application.

How To install?


You can download it on your mobile phone and then you can register your own here and my brother can get you Rs 12,000 from the government of Pakistan. To download it to your phone and add your name card to your mobile phone number and you can get paid at home for up to three months. 12 thousand rupees if you are poor or my brother in your village or anyone in your town has to come with you poor man or poor house then you have his mobile phone number and you have his identification card and a mobile phone inside this.

My brother if you too are poor then hurry you can also apply and all your friends in the house are hitting you twelve thousand bucks absolutely free from the government of Pakistan because of any work due to coronavirus. You can’t cry because here the Government of Pakistan says that you stay in your house. Don’t come out from the village. You can get all the help from the city. So do your job quickly can be downloaded to your mobile phone by simply registering thereby adding the ID card number and mobile phone number and.



if you have not yet received this full video in today’s video How To Get Friends With Your Home Help So Hurry Friends Justice Is Upcoming Download by downloading to your mobile phone Do not register love Can download and can apply online. Friends you want to get free money. You are getting Rs. 212 thousand from the government. Pakistan is receiving a lot of support because Pakistan too has begun to distribute aid and rations to the poor and to the poor who have not begun to distribute in the future.

You have to dial the ID card number to create your account and then you start getting rations from Pakistan. And because of this friend is not right to take nothing for no work can not go beyond three months and not sell you some quick application. Friends If you too are poor or anyone in your city or your village is coming to any poor house around you, you can help them too. If you too want to get bright and you are giving money on Jan 12000 then if you want to get that for three months then you have to get the mobile phone I hold.





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