How to Share Your Android Screen with Your Friends   you guys must have seen your friend look at the home screen of your mobile phone you don’t know yourself how your friend looked at your mobile phone then this is what happens my brother today tomorrow i will tell you in full detail and Dell how many of the five that you do not know how you can see your friends’ mobile phones from your .Mobile phone at home that  can keep an eye on you while sitting at home you can see what time your friend is online or where you are.

You can see now whether your friend is online or not. You can see all the things sitting at home on your mobile. One will need to download my brother today i am going to tell you about a very good and wonderful app. What is the benefit of this app  why do you download it on your mobile phone and what is its use  This means you can see your friends ‘mobile phones sitting at home. This means, my brother  you can see your friends’ home screen on your mobile phone what time you are on your mobile phone what time it is.

How To install?


Online  What else can you do or see on your mobile phone  you can quickly download this app to your mobile phone. I have given the link of this app in the video citizens and mobile screen friend you can Color your mobile phone screen with friends or your friends. Install this app quickly. I will tell you the rest in detail by making it in full video.Brother John  when I saw on my friend’s happy phone  i was watching any movie on my mobile phone  the same movie on his mobile phone or what I did on my mobile phone at night he.

Said Show me on my mobile phone i was amazed and confused how my brother has done such things on his mobile phone. He made a short video and showed it to me. Then a friend told me that he Is there an app on your mobile phone they tell you who you are in such a way that they can use other people’s mobile phones from their mobile phones and mobile screen video friends can easily share their youth with their friends. Can your own screen can tiger what your friend came can give with his friends what is doing my brother.

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Today’s one is very good if you haven’t installed it yet  i will tell you that you can quickly download this app to your mobile phone. What is the use of using your friend’s mobile phone the screen can be viewed on your mobile phone. If you watch any movie or watch any tv channel or anything is on standby on your mobile phone then you can see how to watch. All you need to do is download it quickly below then you can also watch your relatives lust for anyone’s mobile phone. How to watch the full video on your mobile phone.

Watch the video if you don’t understand something  you can easily download it You also want to read all the messages of your friends on your mobile phone or you want to see the screen of your friends sitting at home on your mobile phone when your friend is online then offline what do you do now to see all the things on your mobile you will need one by one to add that i gave in the description of the video so that they can download it easily.You guys can easily download and then you can keep a tablet of your friends or relatives.



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