Today I would like to tell you something about the WhatsApp status of the logon so that you can tell your partner what is happening to you which is very good because it can bring your friends closer to your life but as it is. The size of the video can also be restricted and the status of WhatsApp can be increased. In order to keep the entire video in the WhatsApp app set, you can send a message to Today  Wale best. You cannot send 6 mint videos at any time. You can easily add as many minutes of video status as you.

Want with 1 minute of WhatsApp status. Today I want to tell you about the logon of WhatsApp quotes or you can add one to one status of WhatsApp from 1 minute to  10 minutes of videos of status and this is a very short and short video that you can use on WhatsApp. The status is kept in use, not longer than 30 seconds. Today  I am telling you how to log in. You can easily add videos up to 1 minute to 1 minute of WhatsApp status with this status. You can share your full video in the reality of WhatsApp only long video best 2020.

How To install?


Light long with which you can save 30 seconds from Tamil video to 30 seconds and Karen of your full video. If you do not keep your entire video in WhatsApp status, you can view some logs of the WhatsApp app’s long video where it was not able to sim up to the tower. You may need to cut your video to some extent. To stay away, you can download videos and download videos for WhatsApp status If you also do not like the video, then you will need to answer the question of the length of the main video add a video long to the best.

An application whose purpose is to have a WhatsApp status of 30 seconds in length. The application will send you a picture with the complete hardest tab of Whatsapp and you will not be able to find out what it is like to have a flight. You have more than 30 seconds of Tamil stories or 29 second videos. What is the time of tax Shankar in school if you also want to send a large number of windows  you must use this application and you will be able to use it in your mobile phone at last. Doing the Umar page on WhatsApp is very easy the .


Friends i would like to tell you something about the logon of WhatsApp today. If you use the WhatsApp log today you have come up with two new tricks for login in which you can use WhatsApp status status as you know whatsapp. Let me tell you about an application or use it in your blouse how to set full long video in whatsapp status if you also use whatsapp log then today i will tell you some things about logon or if you are looking for some application like looking for   casts which is very useful for you in whatsapp So today you.

Have to read the logon in full so that I can explain the logon to you today. In today’s video i will tell you the logon that if you want to get the status of whatsapp  you can use the above status of WhatsApp for 5 to 10 minutes as long as you want. WhatsApp status status and want to download more videos i am looking for an app that can easily save the video status queries from  and ask me to download status and status for whatsapp. If you want answers  download the status of WhatsApp app and message WhatsApp status .


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