So if you want to get twelve thousand rupees then you have to do one thing. If you have not yet received your twelve thousand rupees then in this video today I will tell you the most flamboyant application you have. Download the application submit a Justice Aid application and then you can tell how to register online so the video you see below goes to the register today. If you are not able to connect with this video then you will have to watch the video till the end to tell friends today how you can register dogs and how can they.

Get 12 thousand rupees if you also want to register online you can get twelve thousand rupees from the government of Pakistan then my brother if you already have twelve thousand then you should watch this video in full and after today you will get the human application. You also have to download to your scared mobile phone and there you will have a mobile phone to submit to your mobile.If you have not received 12 thousand rupees yet, you should not miss this video today because friends who have received twelve rupees are fine.

Step No 1 :

Go to the NADRA Ehsaas Cash Program portal by clicking the button given below.


Okay, they have got twelve runs. How were you getting money from the Government of Pakistan who is getting justice aid from the government before then who has neither Benazir Income Support nor they have to get the money from Benazir first 2020 if they Of five thousand and then six thousand after that you both had their data with the government of nine thousand gems because there were very good biometrics where they got twelve thousand rupees. We got them so that they had the movie Phil Detail and first government.

Friends, after you watch this video, if you are new, subscribe to my channel Friends in this video today are getting money from the Benazir Income Support team. Who are the friends to whom the message was sent, and the 71 who messaged that you are being examined, then they will get money on Luckland who has sent the message to whom they have received the message of inquiry because they have been sacked? The call will come with you at any time. No one can go to public schools the hospital may be there if you are.

Step No 2:

Enter your CNIC number.


There then you are right then you will get money. You will receive them. On the same 71 what was the message that they are being investigated, you will get started so if you are Mr. You can also do what they didn’t and there and then you can also register if you want to download the application. In today’s video, I will tell you which people will start to get money today. From Pakistan’s cash-free program, who will receive money from Justice Azad’s friends? If you are, then you must give the girls to you as you will get the money for them.

second member. You have to watch this video in the first place. Get the money I got from the people who got the confirmation message that you are going to need two hundred okay then you got a message from the public And were now starting to be.if you did not make twelve thousand rupees in today’s new video, you cannot miss this video because friends will tell you three things in today’s case. If you do not take up to 12 homes before you watch this video, you have a request. If your notification will tell the.



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