Can you read English my brother can’t you know English If you use my  WhatsApp your friends your brother you can be any of my relatives? My brothers send you messages on WhatsApp in English. So you don’t know what my brother or my friend has sent me in a text message in English on WhatsApp which I don’t even know how to read so my brother you don’t have to worry because friends of today In the video I will tell you a very nice and wonderful application which after downloading all your English messages on yours.

Mobile how to read in Urdu on the phone, how to read today’s very good and wonderful one for four amazing application will tell you. If you are worried that you do not know how to read English your trouble will end from today because you For I have a very good and amazing Waterfall Images application that we my brother after you download this application you can read the English message yourself in Urdu and you both have the message in English Urdu How Can I Convert This Video With Full Details To You You and best app.

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Can watch Full On Your Mobile Phone Depressed will. You guys will be very upset that we do mobile phone standby and then I do WhatsApp standby Facebook standby or our friends etc. we do standby in November etc in English. If you send a message or you have a group standby join their group in which your friends etc. send you a message in English then some people don’t understand English brother how can we Unite and don’t know what my brother John my friend is saying to me in English so I don’t need you to be.

Upset because today we have you There must be an application which after downloading all the English messages, you will be able to read all the messages of WhatsApp in Urdu. I am telling you how to make a video. Friends, you will see the complete video and you will see today’s video got your application. My brother, you have to download that application on your bar phone. Your problem will be over. If you use messenger standby if you make Facebook standby it will make you or not If you don’t know how to read if you don’t.

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Do you remember my brother and the bureau and subscriber of my youtube channel I have come up with a very nice and fun application for you guys because my brother you will be worried about how you can get Urdu or English messages? Can rate you guys do you get messages from Hindi or any contract how do you read them today my brother you don’t need to worry because friends are telling you such operations nowadays technical time. You can download them even if you have read them. You can also use WhatsApp which is and.

How can you convert them to Urdu How to translate English messages to Urdu There must be a very good application. Then after downloading the second one, you will watch a video. If you understand, then it is fine. There will be English movies that can be read in Urdu. If you were a friend, today would be a very good application. The same application may be downloaded quickly in the video call. My brother, don’t worry about today, if you use WhatsApp, Messenger, or any other group on which you get messages in English.



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