Free Conference Call is a website founded in 2001 in Long Beach  California. The company is one of the largest providers of conference call services online. Chappell Production
Owner David Erickson The domain Free Conference was registered with  on October  by David Erickson founder and CEO of the Long Beach California-based company. Erickson’s original plan was only to offer freeware and then promote additional services at a cost  For the first few years since the with Warner Chappell.

Website founding  Erickson was the only employee  performing all website coding  customer relations  and marketing functions.Beginning in  the company formally generated revenue by entering into profit-sharing agreements with local exchange carriers (LECs) in rural areas located in the Midwestern United States  such as Farmers Telephone based in Riceville  Iowa The LECs were permitted to charge interexchange carriers like AT&T Wireless  Verizon Communications  and Sprint to connect incoming calls to.

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Conference call numbers and would split the revenue generated from this increased traffic with With the explosion of the first free conference provider post  designed by Peter Bouchard of Pioneer Telephone  Portland  Maine  rural LECS were receiving hundreds of millions of minutes per month. That led to March  several long-distance service providers began blocking access to these phone numbers alleging that the local exchanges were violating several laws and Federal.

Communications Commission (FCC) guidelines  however by May the blocking largely ceased after a stern prod by the Federal Communications Commissin according to the Associated Press. In June  the FCC formally barred the interexchange carriers from blocking conference calls. Free Conference’s business model was later indirectly regulated when the FCC enacted the Connect America Fund in  ending the exemption for telephone companies in rural areas and requiring the LECs to operate.


The Free Conference Call com hold music Sunshine Soul  by  New York Jazz Ensemble  was licensed with Warner Chappell Production Music in 2004 and has remained the same throughout the company’s history. In the late  the company tried to change the music but under intense backlash from users instead decided to offer the option to change it to a song of the customer’s choice. Sunshine Soul  has been the subject of several remixes and parodies on YouTube and SoundCloud Free Conference Call employed. started “Santa’s Hotline  a toll-free telephone line where children can call to leave a message for Santa Claus. The phone line was opened in 2010 but went viral on social media in  after it was mentioned on Fox Business. During that year  the company said it received calls with nine million messages from children leaving their holiday gift wish lists. The phone number remains active with alternate numbers in several countries and languages Built a Giant Business Out to accommodate its customer.


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