My brother i welcome you guys to my website welcome friends here i bring you a lot of eid cries that you can download absolutely free from our website You Friends i have come up with this very nice and wonderful app for you guys. What will happen in this verse if you lock your mobile phone or keep the phone number  if someone else or other people or Anyone can be your friend or a relative of yours. If you touch your mobile phone  your mobile phone will start to turn off. This is what I will tell you in today’s post how can you.

Save i welcome you guys here  i just have a lot of such post apps here  you can download from here. Welcome and bring a herd of many such apps here  if you want to make absolutely free calls then in today’s post I will tell you that my brother if you use your mobile phone then you are asleep or you are at work just like any other mobile phone If a friend touches your cell phone your cell phone starts ringing alarm then you can also come you will find you can download from here and then if you If you can’t download anything that.

How To Download?

looks difficult  you can come to my you tube channel  there I have made a complete video to help you fully understand how to make your standby. Yes  you will find this application in video corruption. You can easily get your mobile phone from there. If any person picks up your mobile phone  congratulations to you. Allah will give you the honor to have your mobile phone taken by another person. In the same way if you get up or go to work  yes  it is a wonderful application  you can download it  you will find the link in the description.

Yes  if you want to work separately on your mobile phone so that no one knows how to use your phone number  then I will tell you that it is very good and expensive. If anyone picks you up My brother  if a friend or your relative asks for your mobile phone or picks it up while you are asleep  then your mobile phone or any friend wants to do good  then today would be very good and wonderful. Maybe if you are asleep  you are busy with some work  then no one can put your mobile phone on standby  so there are many applications here.

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Even if you want to call for free  we have installed an app admin today I am going to tell you about a very good and wonderful verse. Dear friends  if you have come right  then today i will tell you about an eye that will make it possible for you to call your number or you can put one. My brother  if you use your mobile phone standby or do internet packages  today we will bring you a wonderful app. We will tell you in full detail what is the advantage or disadvantage of this app. In today’s post  it is our Today at the top of the website we tell.

you who says how do you like our website if you pick it up from you it has whatsapp it has personal stuff or google chrome it has something from you Should also download stuff wants to search you do a job you will lose nothing can weigh in your mobile Will apply with My brother if you forget your mobile phone at home or forget about any work anywhere you are then I am very good and new app for you but it will make your mobile phone look at you Couldn’t do anything if it takes tomorrow and best Looks like  for me best app.




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