Hello friends if you have a YouTube channel then i am going to tell you that today is a very amazing thing  it will happen that you use many apps you find it difficult to edit your video  i will tell you the easy way. You have to download that app in your mobile phone  it will be your time too and in it you can make videos as quickly as possible  download these short apps in your mobile phone quickly  then you have a lot of such in the market You must have seen the app in.

Which you edit your video  then you will take a lot of time  now i am going to tell you these shorts came  in this you can edit your video in the shortest time of coming as soon as possible  so you to download in google play store.You use many such apps in your mobile phone  in which you make videos  for example  you do your head master  you do not get any future in it  which i am going to tell you now you have a lot of future in the Shot app you can easily change the.

How To Use

Background of the video as well  and you can also make the video in  quality in size here  i have made a link to download this app and put it in the description below. If you are in search of any such app which you like very well then you can download it  I have given the shot app link below.i have seen many friends asking me how brother you have created the background in the video  so after downloading you today  in these short you fully understood the way to put .

Background and music together  If you do not understand any thing  then you can download that shot app in your mobile phone  you can change the background of the video  you can pick any picture in the background and here you You can also set music  you can easily set any song in the song or background  you can install this app in your phone.My dear friends  after downloading the Shot app on your mobile phone  if you turn on  in your mobile phone  then it.

How To Download Inshot  App

Will first ask for permission from  you have to give permission  after that you can change the background here if any Also  if you want to delete anything in Agra video  then you can also cut it easily  do not have to do any setting  etc. It is a very easy way if you want to delete anything from here if you want to put some background music or you want to do any god or want to remove anything from here, then you can also easily remove it from the Shot app.

I am downloading this in my child phone too so many friends were commenting in the video to me that brother  who you are  how do you edit video or use video in software  then i thought i would let you know today my brother  i and short apps use i am very full in making this short video  you can also save your time and you can use it you made a video on your mobile phone  after that you open these short apps  here now any pickup pictures  etc  you can also think.


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